A Fairer, Greener north east

We live in a region that has a strong sense of identity - local pride, rich histories and special places.  But ours is a region facing huge challenges in the present.  Inequalities in health, education and employment are worsening.  The pandemic has left many of our communities more vulnerable than ever, and child poverty has seen a steep rise. Bus services are in decline and households still face a cost of living crisis.

And for many, the future looks even more challenging.  Climate change threatens flooding, food shortages and rising prices. Some of our wildlife and botany is on the brink.  Austerity has left local government finance in crisis, with social care, leisure centres, cultural provision and local services under threat.

We need change in the North East.  The change that devolution of powers and new funding can bring.  Change that supports wellbeing, that provides bus services for isolated communities, that makes our homes cheaper to heat.

I am hugely honoured to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for North East Mayor, and delighted to be able to share this plan for change with you.  Like everything that Greens do, this is a collective effort - because it is only by working together that we can make the changes needed for a Fairer, Greener North East.


Andrew Gray (second from left), with Cllr Sue Stenhouse, Cllr Sarah McKeown and Cllr Dave Herbert, East Boldon, 2024