The Green Party does not have corporate sponsors or wealthy donors – and we are proud that this sets us apart from other political parties.

This policy ensures our independence – and means that we can represent our local communities, without outside influence.

Mayoral campaigns

Despite nineteen councillors in the North East region, the Green Party will only be able to stand if their candidates can raise the £5,000 deposit. If you would like to see a Green on the ballot paper, you can donate to Andrew’s Crowdfunder here: A Green Mayor for the North East

To stand in the election for Tees Valley Mayor requires candidates to pay a £5,000 deposit. The North East Green Party is working to help Sally raise this so that she can fight this election with the aim of becoming Mayor and working for a fairer, greener Tees Valley. You can donate to Sally’s Crowdfunder here: Help Sally stand as a candidate for Tees Valley Mayor

If you are in a position to help us financially, you have the option to support the Regional Party with a one off or a regular donation.

Regional donations directly benefit all regional parties – and help us to employ a regional field officer.

The Field Officer works with all local parties to elect local Green Candidates.

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