North East Campaigns

Although our local parties work hard for their local communities, there are certain issues which require a joined up approach.

We help local parties coordinate their efforts at a regional level – bringing knowledge and skills together to help the North East community.

North East Incinerator

North East England Green Party Members are part of the Stop Incineration North East (SINE) Network who are fighting the new monster incinerator on Teesside [link]

Green Party Member, Frances Hinton, explains:

“[these plans are] absolutely not consistent with the climate emergency. Four of these seven local authorities have themselves declared a climate emergency, as well as it being declared in the government itself.”

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Northumberland – Glyphosate

Glyphosate is used extensively by Northumberland County Council on pavements, paths and in our parks, green spaces and riversides.

Studies have shown a link to cancer in humans, to the harming of numerous insects including bees, and to harming of earthworms and microorganisms that keep soil healthy.

Many other Councils across the UK are phasing out Glyphosate and, for the health of our communities and our environment, we ask that Northumberland County Council do the same.

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North East Transport Plan

The £7bn Plan to update North East Transport infrastructure has been approved by local Councils.

The Plan has an ambitious vision : “Moving to a green, healthy, dynamic and thriving North East”.

However, the commitment to continue building roads, expanding airports and limited investment in active travel or public transport means that the Plan represents a missed opportunity.

Stop Building Roads

Keep it in the ground [coal campaign]

The Green Party has fought tirelessly against open-cast mines under the “Keep it in the Ground” Campaign.

Our work with others have protected sites including Dewley Hill on the outskirts of Newcastle and Durridge Bay in Northumberland. You can help us to protect our environment, by joining us or by donating to the regional campaign fund.

Keep it in the Ground

Other Regional Campaigns

If you are aware of a regional campaign that would benefit from Green Party support – please get in contact with us:

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