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North East Combined Authority Green Party candidate for mayoral election

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North east combined authority

Andrew Gray will be the candidate in the election for Mayor of the North East Combined Authority.

Andrew was born in Newcastle and raised in Northumberland. For the last twenty years he has lived in Newcastle and used public transport to commute to work in Durham where he works with historic archives and is a workplace rep for his trade union.

“If the new finance and powers in the devolution deal are to truly transform our region, that money and power cannot just sit with a mayor and regional leaders,” said Andrew Gray.  “For the North East to thrive, its communities need to be back in control.  Money needs to be spent directly within communities, where it will create more jobs and provide more benefits, rather than trickling down from big regional projects.”

Andrew says he will be campaigning for the big changes needed to make North East communities fairer, greener and more resilient. He is proposing a home insulation programme to ensure that every home can be warm and cheaper to heat, a public transport system that is reliable, integrated, frequent and serves every community, skills training and apprenticeships for the work needed to transform our economy and support for every community to develop resilience and to prosper.

To see a list of upcoming events and hustings for Andrew’s mayoral campaign, please see the Google calendar here.

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