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Greens welcome Inspector’s finding that Durham Plan is ‘unsound’

County Durham Green Party is celebrating success following today’s release of the Inspector’s Interim Report on the ‘soundness of the County Durham Plan’, having played a central role along with other Durham groups in raising concerns with the plan. The Green Party, along with numerous other Durham based organisations and community groups, spent many months […]

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Alison Whalley – Letter to the Guardian Newspaper

Dear Sir/Madam  In response to the article about food banks in the Saturday edition, can I make a suggestion? Lets cut through all the complexity, conditionality, sanctions and means testing of the benefit system and give every UK resident- man, woman and child- a Citizen’s or basic income, whether on no wage, low or high wage,carer, part-time worker, […]

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Roads to Nowhere: Green Party statement on Newcastle-Gateshead Core Strategy Examination and Transport Policy

Roads to Nowhere Green  Party statement on Newcastle-Gateshead Core Strategy Examination and Transport  Policy Planned new roads and new road lanes[i] are no  solution Serious threat to public health from poor air quality  caused by traffic levels 124 deaths occurred in Newcastle alone last year due to  air pollution (4.9% of all deaths of people over […]

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Vision for a new Europe

Today voters in the North East go to the polls in one of the closest fought, and most important, European elections in years. The sessions of the European Parliament take place a long way from the North East. Yet the laws it passes affect all of us, every single day and, on balance, for the better. Whether it’s setting air quality rules, international […]

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