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Police & Crime Commissioner Elections 2016 – North East Green Party Statement

The North East England region of the Green Party will not be contesting these elections. The deposit of £5,000 for each of the three candidates in our region is punitive, restricting candidatures to organisations with rich backers. This is quite undemocratic. The position itself is not only too centralised but also too isolated from other […]

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The Green Party condemns threat to the Woolsington Woods from Cameron Hall development proposal

A battle is brewing over the future of long established woodlands on the NW edge of Newcastle at Woolsington Hall. The owner, Cameron Hall Developments, has put forward a wholly unsustainable and socially regressive scheme. Despite the same old promises of ‘jobs and growth’, this development is the epitome of what the area does not […]

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Greens and environmental groups oppose new Gosforth Leisure complex

The Green Party strongly opposes the new Leisure development proposed near the Gosforth Nature Reserve by the American developers ‘Max a Millions’. There are several reasons why this development  is of the wrong kind and in the wrong place. Such land should be used to enhance outdoor opportunities (walking, jogging, cycling, wildlife conservation work, etc.), all […]

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