General Elections

2019 General Election

The most recent General Election was held in December 2019. In these elections, local parties stood Green Candidates across the Region.

We received some criticism for not standing aside for other Candidates in some parts of the Region - but we believe that, in a democracy, it is important that everyone has the chance to vote based on their principles and beliefs.

The Green Party has repeatedly offered to work with other political parties to achieve a common goal

The current electoral process is not a true reflection of democracy; and as such, where an unpopular or undesirable candidate still achieves the goal of ‘first past the post’, they will win an election. We encourage all other Parties to join our support for proportional representation. This is the only fair way to ensure that all votes matter.

Next General Election

In line with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 we anticipate that the next General Election will be held in 2024.

Until this time, we will continue to work for the people of the North East.


From time to time, MPs may stand down before the end of the Parliamentary Term.

In these circumstances, a By-Election will be called to find an elected replacement.

The local party will select a suitable Candidate to stand for Election. For more information, please contact your local party.